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Essential Insurance for your Home and Business

The importance of immediate and high quality IT backup and disaster recovery should not be underestimated. Despite the increase in hard drive quality, it is essential for businesses and even home users to have a backup plan that safeguards all data and material from the wide range of issues that can occur.

The main purpose of a backup and recovery service is to protect your data against loss and to reconstruct the data after any event that might cause data loss due to corruption, hardware failure, natural disaster, etc.

We deliver a cost effective, secure and scalable solution to meet your data storage needs. Using proven technology, our services provide an alternative to traditional physical media based backup and offers a range of onsite NAS hardware &/or cloud storage to accommodate just about any volume of data.

Our backup and disaster recovery service is delivered as a fully automated service, securely incorporated into your network, maximizing your existing IT infrastructure while delivering a faster, more reliable and secure data backup.

At Your PCMD, we have a team of highly skilled technical experts on hand to plan, test, prevent and recover in all manner of critical computing situations. Not sure where to start? Speak to an IT expert at (940) 668-1800 today.

Backup made easy

Backing up data is something most don't think about until it's too late. Or, it's something we keep putting off until tomorrow because, after all, what is going to happen today?

  • Client data & transactional information is one of your businesses biggest assets - do you protect this asset?
  • Could you replace your business data records if it was corrupted or stolen?
  • Could you restore your business data if you or an employee accidently deleted your latest transaction files?
  • Can you easily stay in business if you lost your business systems &/or records?

If you answered No to any of the questions above, then you need a customised Backup Solution for your business.

Backups are one of the forgotten essentials of many businesses. Too often they are either not monitored to ensure they are working, or they are not tested to ensure what is supposedly backed up is able to be recovered when needed. Another problem encountered is inadequate capacity of the backup media being used, such that not all data is being protected - either knowingly or unknowingly. When the time comes to recover lost data, it can't be found on the backup media, or cannot be recovered due to it not being written correctly.

Contact us to discuss your options and let us provide a solid and affordable data backup solution for your needs!

We offer services that include:

  • Local Backup
  • Remote/Cloud Backup
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Managed Backup

Protect yourself

You don't want to call us when its too late. We're pleased to offer solutions that you can take now to securely backup your data. However, if you've made the mistake of not backing up &/or have lost your data - we do offer Data Recovery from desktop and laptop computers, USB's, memory sticks, and external hard drives. Our ability to recovery data is largely dependent on the cause of data loss.

  • Hard Drive crashes – recovery will depend on the nature of the damage.
  • Human Error – generally data deleted accidently or overwritten can be retrieved using our recovery software.
  • Software Corruption – generally data can be retrieved if the corruption is small in nature.
  • Computer Virus – if the virus can be isolated and eliminated, we can generally get data back (system dependent)
  • Natural Disaster – generally these involve water damage and may need to be sent to our data recovery partner.

If your data loss involves an insurance claim, we can help with a quote and letter of authority for your insurance company.

We are generally more cost effective than a specialist data recovery company as we provide initial non labs data recover services however, if we find that a lab tech is required, we'll use our data recovery partner.

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