Managed Security

A better approach for cyber security

Managed Security Services

Cyber security goes beyond built-in or free antivirus and malware protection. In todays threat landscape, these practices are not enough to protect your business from sophisticated cyber threats. Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide 24/7/365 cyber security to ensure your computer is safe, no matter the time of day.

Regardless of the various security measures you may have in place, you dont know if your computer has been breached or how far an attacker has infiltrated your computer. Managed Security Services (MSS) provide real-time monitoring of each computer, detecting any attacks or other threats such as malware and virus infiltration. Our security software detects the threat, analyzes the incident, and launchs counter measures to prevent the attack going any further, acting as a virtual guard dog for each computer.

Let us manage your computers security and you continue doing what you do best, which is RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS!

Have a home business or, not a business at all? Would you like to protect your investment? Not a problem - as our plans are also offered for home businesses as well as residential customers.

Available Plans

Our plans start at just $5 per month per device, making your cost not only predictable, but affordable, which gives you an incentive to move away from the "I'll wait until I'm infected" approach. See what we have to offer and never worry about outdated or expired anti-virus and malware protection again.

On-site Response Time Next Day Next Day Same Day
Critical Response Time 3 hrs avg 2 hrs avg 1 hr avg
Predictable Budgeting
Security & Protection
Computer Health Warning Pop-Up Alerts
Managed Anti-Malware &/or Licensing Licensing Both Both
Virus & Ransomware Protection
File Guard
Surf Protection
Virus Definition & Program Updates Automatic Automatic Automatic
Virus & Malware Scanning Automatic Automatic Automatic
Real Time Intrusion Detection
Malware Remediation Discount Unlimited
Ad Block Browser Protection
Configure Router for DNS Security
Pre-configured Content Filter Setup
Additional Features
System Tray "Helpdesk on Demand"
Secure Remote Desktop Software
Unlimited Help Desk Support
Remote Support Discount 10% Unlimited
Regularly Scheduled Backup Setup
Standard Maintenance (Bi-Annually)
Additional Services Discount 10% 20%
After Hours & Weekend Support
Procurement Assistance
Anytime Plan Upgrade
Home/Home Office Pricing
Small Business Pricing
Antivirus Only Managed Antivirus Full Protection
Select Select Select
* Prices are per desktop/workstation. Recurring monthly or annually. Pricing and plans subject to change without notice.

Managed Network

In a connected world like today, your network is key to business performance. For many businesses, network technologies restrict business initiatives rather than support and enable new opportunities.

Securing your IT infrastructure requires more than just placing a firewall on your internet connection; you need to design security into the foundation of your IT infrastructure to provide optimal protection. Take advantage of our small business network monitoring and remediation plan and ensure that your productivity is not compromised by lackluster network performance or failing components.

Proactively monitor network equipment for function and speed
Monitoring and notification of slow or failing network components
Monitoring, notification and resolution of network congestion issues
Automated alerts sent directly to us for validation and remediation
Evaluation of network traffic that may incur excess congestion
End-user support and remediation when network problems exist
Monitor all Firewall, Router & Switch Devices in the Local Area Network
Manage & Maintain all Firewall & Router configurations
Repair & Maintenance of CAT-5\6 cabling, termination points and connectors
Manage Network equipment security policies and procedures
Reduce maintenance costs with regularly-scheduled patches & updates
3rd Party Vendor Management / Notify Vendor of Issue
Discounted Hourly On-Site Support for Covered Events
Purchasing Assistance for Replacement Equipment
Moves and Hardware Upgrades (parts not included)
* Price is per office location. Recurring monthly or annually. Each additional location for the same business is $30/mo
This program is dependant upon existing equipment and may require the purchase of compatible &/or additional equipment.

TimeBlock Plans

TimeBlock Plans are prepaid hours at discounted rates and are ideal for clients who may use our services on a regular basis &/or those that are not on a service plan. This lets us save you money in another way. Networking not applicable.

TimeBlock Plans
10 Hours
20 Hours
30 Hours
Price Before Discount $600 $1200 $1800
Discount Rate $5/hr $10/hr $15/hr
Expires After 6 months 12 months 12 months
Total Savings $50 $200 $450
You Pay Only $550 $1000 $1350
Inquire Inquire Inquire

* Prices listed for all plans above do not include sales tax, hardware/parts &/or software or materials, if needed.

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