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Time and again we see low quality pictures on the news from people who have robbed banks, broken into homes, walked out on their bill at a local restaurant, or worse. Too many times, these perpetrators go uncaught because it is too difficult to make out there faces from the low quality cameras that many businesses or home owners still use.

We only use high definition security camera systems which offer features such as motion detection, night vision, remote viewing so you can view high-definition live and recorded video from any authorized computer or mobile device.

Our Ubiquiti UniFi video cameras boasts 1080p quality and our UniFi NVR can accommodate up to 20 cameras. However you can opt for an NVR custom built by us if you require more cameras. Our Netgear systems range from 1 to 6 cameras at 720 HD and boasts 100% wireless technology using rechargable batteries lasting up to 6 months between charges.

Our camera systems can be used for many purposes such as:

    • Retail
      1. Combat inventory shrinkage, point-of-sale fraud, shoplifting and theft
      2. Maintain a safe, secure environment for your customers and staff
      3. Reduction of the number of false liability claims
      4. Safeguard staff from workplace violence
    • Healthcare
      1. Visualize those patients in distress
      2. Restrict unwanted visitor access
      3. Keep an eye on high-risk patients
      4. Replace patient sitters with virtual patient watch
    • Daycare
      1. Ensure staff and childrens safety
      2. Deter violence and abductions
      3. Easily investigate incidents and identify suspects
      4. Cost-efficient perimeter protection
    • Restaurants
      1. Safeguard guests and staff
      2. Operate discreetly
      3. Improve payment safety
      4. Help improve operations and staff management
    • Residential
      1. Minimize vandalism and costly repairs
      2. Monitor entrances, rooms, garages and stairways
      3. Keep an eye on pool visitors and children
      4. Quick and easy access to recorded video

    In addition to supply, support and configuration, we offer design, installation and commissioning services with user training and ongoing maintenance. Our team offers the comprehensive skill set and experience required to deliver solutions that work reliably and are suited to your needs. We work with our customers in a transparent way and closely collaborate to cut unnecessary cost.

    Call us today to discuss the security camera system you are looking for. We'll be glad to discuss with you your options and to design a system that suits your particular needs.

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