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Find yourself struggling with an IT problem at the office? Maybe the computer is acting up, your system is infected by a virus, one of your workstations has died, you've lost crucial files, your printers are refusing to accept demands, you're getting incomprehensible system error messages, or your software needs to be upgraded but you don't know where to start or what the consequences of those upgrades will be.

If your business has a managed IT services contract with us, you simply call your friendly IT engineer or use our online helpdesk if your plan provides it and recieve the required help under your service plan.

But what if you don't have an IT service plan? Maybe you've never had serious computer troubles that you couldn't fix yourself, your business is too small for you to justify an IT management contract or in-house IT department, or you have IT staff but they've encountered an issue that's got them stumped. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

What if your not a business but you're having issues? Maybe it's your home or home office computer, network or perhaps your printer and you just want it all to work. No problem, we service residential customers too. And our services are more affordable than you might think, and don't forget, we're the only locally owned IT professionals that makes house calls.

Superior delivery of IT, backed by a Performance Guarantee on Every Service we provide

What services do we provide?

We're glad you asked. We're here to help you, from removing viruses to setting up wireless networks and printers. In fact, we guarantee that we can find a solution to your problem or you don't pay - we know, a simple concept. The following list doesn't cover everything we can provide, which could span several pages, but we won't bore you with all that, just a brief overview. Here's an idea of just some of services we provide:

  • On-Site IT Support
  • Wouldn't it be nice if your car mechanic came to your home or office to fix your car? Imagine not having to get in your car or paying to have it towed to the mechanic's garage. Well, while we don't fix cars, you can call us and we will arrive at your location to address your computer issues. There's no need for you to disconnect cables, pack up the system, and drive. Our technicians are mobile - and best of all, friendly.

    Don't need onsite service? Try our remote techncial support. Working remotely, we can serve customers anywhere outside our service area or, within, as long as they are connected to the internet.

    Our skilled technicians can service and repair the majority of computer issues onsite, including:

    1. Computer hardware issues, such as hard drive and motherboard troubleshooting.
    2. Replacement of faulty parts such as video cards, power supplies, RAM, keyboards, mouse, etc.
    3. Installation of firewalls, routers, WIFI, printers and other networking devices.
    4. Troubleshooting of software-related issues, including Windows, MS Office, Email and Malware.
    5. Backing up and restoration of user data, also limited data recovery.
    6. Onsite Operating System overhaul. However, each case is evaluated individually to determine feasibility.
    7. Maintenance contracts available for office & small business environments.

    We are happy to assist our customers with their computer problems in a manner that is most convenient for them. Our job is to take the stress out of using computers. How may we help you?

  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Computer viruses infect millions of computer systems every day. They come in all shapes and sizes and among other things, can destroy data, steal sensitive information, and even make a computer completely unusable.

    At first it may not be easily noticeable that a computer is infected with a virus. Some of the tell tale-signs include:

    1. Computer running slow or programs not operating properly.
    2. Windows crashing with a blue screen or pop-up screens appearing without warning.
    3. People telling you that they are receiving emails from you in mass form.
    4. Other networked computers are operating poorly in terms of performance.

    When a computer is infected, it's imperative that the virus be removed as quickly as possible to avoid further complications. We provide onsite and depot computer virus removal services on all makes and models of laptop and desktop computers.

    Our mobile computer technicians have been trained to troubleshoot and remove some of the most difficult virus infections. Whether you own a Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Asus, HP or custom computer, viruses respect no boundaries and can infect them all. A startling fact today is that viruses are now targeting Apple products and have even been reported to infect many of the smartphones and tablets from all major manufacturers.

    We don't only remove the virus' - we test your hard drive, memory and processor. We don't want to waste your time and money on a virus removal if you have an underlining hardware issue. Once thats done, we'll remove any virus' and repair any damage they may have caused. We also analyze your current anti-virus solution and provide recommendations - if needed.

    We're fast, affordable and provide services to business and residential customers and, we do make house calls!

  • Remote Technical Support
  • We have an efficient and cost-effective support option for you, designed to minimize your computer or network downtime. Your system is quickly restored to operation so you can get back to work.

    Our friendly Help Desk personnel are ready to take your support call, analyze and diagnose problems using proprietary remote management software to remotely access and service your system. If the issue can't be resolved remotely, we can dispatch an onsite computer service technician when needed.

    Our technicians can quickly troubleshoot and interpret difficult computer problems and provide technical support for virtually all hardware, software and systems. We provide the following remote services:

    1. Troubleshooting of most software-related issues, including Windows, MS Office, Email, etc.
    2. Virus, Malware, Adware and Spyware detection, removal and prevention.
    3. Computer maintenance and support for service agreement contracts.
    4. Basic troubleshooting of hardware issues, such as hard drive and motherboard.
    5. Troubleshooting of firewalls, routers, WIFI, printers and other networking devices.
    6. Performing network discovery and inventory of computer assets.
    7. Providing remote computer training or shadowing for computer operation procedures.
    8. Many other services may be performed remotely. Please let us know how we can help.
  • Networking Solutions
  • While there is always a place for wired network connectivity, there's no doubt that wireless networking is now the preferred connectivity method for most homes and businesses. The flexibility that a wireless network provides in terms of location and device connectivity can't be beaten and this has driven the adoption of WiFi solutions around infrastructure/device management and operational policies.

    A wireless network setup can enable all the devices on your network to be rerouted to one printer - without having to send documents to different computers or transferring files via USB or email before printing them out.

    Network sharing lets your technology talk to each other. Creating a computer network enables everyone to access the same files, documents, music and web pages from any wifi-enabled device, without the need to transfer them manually or connecting them to cumbersome cables. Don't worry, we can accomplish this with wired networks as well.

    Our technicians are available to visit homes and businesses by appointment to help with:

    1. setting up your computer network or wifi;
    2. network troubleshooting (for instance, connection issues, security problems or slow network service);
    3. learning how to share files wirelessly using cloud technology;
    4. Ethernet installations;
    5. printer-sharing (directing all devices in your location to one printer);
    6. game networking installation (including Sony PS3 and Xbox);
    7. wireless network passwords and security; and,
    8. getting the most out of your multimedia and digital devices (such as linking your smart TV to your home network).

    Our technicians can also show you how you can make files from a shared network available offline, so that you can continue to work or play - even when your computers internet connection isn't working at its best.

  • Data Recovery & Backup
  • There are many circumstances where you need to use our data recovery service to recover data from the hard drive of your computer, some examples include but are not limited to:

    1. Your desktop or laptop no longer boots and you need to recover the data.
    2. You have an external hard drive that wont connect or cannot be recognized.
    3. The computer no longer boots and is not worth repairing, but you need the data.

    In 90% of cases data can be recovered from a hard drive if other parts of the computer have failed. The only times this is not possible or becomes very difficult - requiring specialist services - is when the drive is physically damaged. Data recovery is available for both laptop and desktop computers.

    Your data, including pictures, documents, emails, music, videos, favorites and anything else you require us to backup will be backed up onto a USB flash drive or a supplied device such as an external hard drive so you can easily transfer the data to another computer. If you do not have an external hard drive, transfer drives are available for a nominal charge.

    Need to ship your drive to us? No problem! Just print and fill out our Data Recovery Inquiry form and ship it to us.

    Interested in backing up your entire network &/or one or multiple computers? We can set that up as well with a quality NAS (network attached storage) system or if you prefer, to the cloud.

  • Computer Systems & Accessories
  • We focus on quality products - not marketing hype. Our products must meet strict quality control tests and are thoroughly tested before being installed. We offer a wide selection of quality computing products, from custom-assembled systems to those hard to find replacement parts and even in-house refurbished systems - all backed by our 30 day quality assurance warranty. We can even provide brands from Dell, HP, Lenovo and others. Be it desktop or laptop, we have you covered.

  • Maintenance Agreement
  • Let us take care of your technology, with monthly prices starting as low as a couple cups of coffee.

    Do you own or are responsible for managing a business? If you have several computers &/or printers networked, you know how troubling IT can be when it is not function properly. If when it is operational, an infinite number of viruses and spammers may be targeting your technology, tring to wreak havoc upon your company's infrastructure. Any amount of downtime means lost revenue and also exposes security risks to your business in terms of loss of customer data and privacy.

    This is where our CompuCare Service Agreement comes to the rescue. For an affordable flat monthly fee per device, which will provide predictable spending, your headaches become our responsibility. Essentially outsourcing your internal IT services to us. Our experienced technicians will:

    1. Manage and maintain your network and workstation
    2. Monitor and take appropriate measures to minimize critical problems with the network systems
    3. Ensure all software and operating systems are patched for latest security
    4. Assess any virus and spyware infections and take appropriate action to cleanse and protect the systems
    5. Provide priority helpdesk support to customers as needed
    6. Dispatch a technician in a timely manner, if remote support cannot resolve an issue
    7. Provide basic IT consulting to service agreement customers
    8. Liaison with other hardware/software vendors in the best interest of our customer
    9. Provide discounted prices on new projects, and much more...

    For a free site assessment and pricing, please contact us with some basic details of your organization. We will gladly provide you a solution that will suit your IT and budget.

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