Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms & Conditions

This document contains our warranty terms of agreement between you (Client), and Your PCMD (we, us, our, Company). Your PCMD warrants all the work we perform! We are proud of our work as well as the products we sell and we stand behind them, however, we offer no refunds on any goods &/or services. All sales are final.

User Data

Certain types of failure result in loss of data. Your PCMD strongly recommends that you backup your data on a regular basis. Damage to or loss of any programs, data or removable storage media, or costs of recovering or extracting such programs or data are not covered under warranty. Your PCMD is not responsible for loss of user data.

In the event of a warranty repair where data loss occurs, you will need to restore data to your repaired device from your own backup. Maintaining a regular backup of user data is solely the responsibility of the end user. If you do not have a backup of your data, we may be able to complete a backup for you, however charges will be applicable.

New Computers (Standard Warranty)

What's covered: Internal hardware components of the new computer system.

All computer systems built by Your PCMD are covered by a 90 day parts & 30 day labor return-to-base warranty, unless specifically stated. In the unlikely event you experience problems with your computer, please contact us and our staff will advise you as to where the computer needs to be returned for warranty service.

Should you prefer not to return your computer to our workshop, you may opt to pay a service fee and have one of our technicians visit you at your location. Standard service fees apply, however replacement parts are covered by warranty.

A 10 day DOA warranty applies for all new computer systems which are installed onsite. Should you experience any fault with your new computer in the first 10 days, contact us immediately. One of our technicians will visit your location and if required, repair or replace any faulty part/s &/or computer. Service fees will apply if no fault is found, or if the problem falls under the "What's not covered" category listed below.

What's not covered: Virus &/or Malware infections, Software (ie: operating system, third-party software, the reloading of software), External Devices (Printers, peripherals etc), physical damage, damage relating to a power surge or any fault not directly related to the internal hardware of the computer and any service using parts not purchased through us.

New Laptops

Your new laptop is covered under warranty directly with its manufacturer. In the unlikely event you experience problems with your laptop, ensure you backup all of your data and contact the manufacturer for further warranty instructions. It is your responsibility to register your new laptop with the manufacturer to secure your warranty.

  • Acer 866-695-2237
  • Dell 888-560-8324
  • Hewlett-Packard 800-752-0900
  • Lenovo 855-2-Lenovo (855-253-6686)
  • Toshiba 800-457-7777

For all other laptop manufactures, please visit the manufactures website for their contact information.

Note: If your laptop was upgraded by us with an SSD, this does not void the warranty with the manufacturer, however, the manufacturer does not warrant the SSD.

Workshop & On-site Repairs

  • Virus &/or Malware Removal

    We warrant virus &/or malware removal for a period of 72 hours if the customer's computer has a valid (licensed), up-to-date, commercially purchased virus protection software product installed. If the virus &/or malware, which was previously removed by us returns within 72 hours of the date of service by us, we will at our discretion provide the remediation service again at no additional cost to the customer or credit the service fee spent towards the cost of a full Data Backup & Windows Reinstallation. Customer must present a valid invoice for the service at the time of warranty claim. FREE or immature virus/malware/spyware products are NOT considered commercially purchased virus protection. Examples include AVAST, AVG, ISP provided or Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender.

  • Hardware
    All hardware (parts) installed in our workshop or on location carry a 30 day parts & labor warranty unless otherwise stated. Some components carry an extended manufacturers warranty after the first 30 days. This extended warranty is parts only and labor charges apply.

Self-diagnosis & Assumptions

Products may not be returned or refunded if they do not resolve an issue that was not diagnosed by our technicians. Any advice provided over the counter or over the phone is general in nature and is not considered a diagnosis. For example, a customer has a problem with their internet and believes their issues are caused by a faulty modem. If they purchase a new modem but find that it does not resolve their issue, the modem can not be returned for a refund, unless the new modem is faulty.

Where possible, we may be able to offer an exchange for the correct product if the product is returned in its original packaging, unopened, resalable condition and this is at the sole discretion of our staff. Exchanges will only be offered within 7 days of original sale date and the customer will be required to provide a copy of the invoice/reciept.

Manufacturers Warranty

The warranty for most products can be facilitated through us, however some warranties are facilitated through the manufacturer. Products which require warranty claims to be directed directly to the manufacturer often include laptops and printers. If you need to return the product to the manufacturer directly, our staff can provide you with the relevant information.


Any advise given by our staff is general advice only and does not take into consideration your individual needs and or requirements. If you need advice, we recommend booking an onsite appointment to have one of our technicians attend your home or office to assess your needs and discuss in-depth your technology requirements before making a purchase.

Technical Assistance

Products purchased from Your PCMD do not include setup, configuration or support unless otherwise specified on your original invoice. Our technicians bill for their advice and assistance and we can quote you setup, configuration or troubleshooting services if required.

Diagnostic Fees

If you return an item that is suspected faulty for warranty and we test it and determine the fault was other equipment, (e.g. a graphics card is returned as the computer is not putting out a display and the fault turns out to be a motherboard not under warranty with Your PCMD) we reserve the right to charge for our diagnostic assessment.

Wireless Printers

We have setup many wireless printers over the years and while in most cases they operate and work well, sometimes they don't. We recommend connecting your printer by USB or Ethernet wherever possible to minimize issues. Our technicians are happy to assist with the setup &/or configuration of wireless printers, however we cannot provide on-going support for wireless printers due to the unreliable nature of wireless printing.

Antivirus Software

Buying anti-virus software recommended by Your PCMD does not guarantee you to be 100% virus free for the life of the product. An anti-virus program can be overruled by the computer user at any time and no anti-virus product can protect against 100% of threats. Viruses will often disguise themselves as something else to trick the computer user into allowing it onto the computer. The point of anti-virus software is to minimize and reduce your risk on the internet. Each computer user accesses the internet at their own risk.

Factory Refurbished Items

All factory refurbished items are sold with a 30-day quality product warranty. If you experience any manufacturer defect on any refurbished product purchased from Your PCMD, we will repair, return for repair, or exchange the item.

Used Items

All used items are sold "AS-IS" and contain no warranty or return authorization policy unless otherwise stated by us.