About Us

Your PCMD is a professional IT Solutions and Consulting company based in Gainesville, TX that offers its services for business and residential clients. We are truly locally owned and operated, which gives us an advantage for providing clients with prompt and personalized service. We offer on-site, in-shop and remote services for the convenience of our clients.

We were founded in 2012 to help both small businesses and residential users get the most out of their IT technology. Over the years we've serviced many clients and solved their IT issues and helped small businesses relieve their technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their business and focus on their goals.

We are not a large chain computer repair and IT services business. We are in fact a small local based business. We do however provide the same (we think better!) service than the 'big boys' do - and at a more affordable cost. We can achieve this because we don't have the high overhead that the chain stores have. With lower running costs, we pass the savings onto our customers, providing affordable IT solutions and services.

Our Objective

Our company's primary objective is to deliver quality IT solutions. We're in the technology business because we genuinely enjoy it. Making money off what we enjoy doing is great, but it's not our primary objective. This company wasn't started out of greed, but rather as a necessity to be able to deliver great IT solutions with affordability in mind. How can other companies claim they deliver quality service when their own policies are designed only to rush work and to sell services and products customers don't need?

At Your PCMD we are dedicated to providing the highest level of technical expertise and efficient, friendly customer service to all our customers - individual private clients and businesses alike. We focus on customer satisfaction and our goal is to provide professional expert IT solutions at an affordable cost. Our goal is to continue to grow our business through customer satisfaction which generates referrals and repeat business.

Meet the Team



  • Founder & CEO
  • Senior Technician
  • Network Specialist
  • 25+ years experience


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Advisor
  • Support Specialist
  • 20+ years experience


  • Technician
  • Customer Support
  • System Builder
  • 5+ years experience


  • Graphics Designer
  • Media Productions
  • Web Designs
  • 5+ years experience

Cost Effective Business Solutions

We know small businesses simply can't afford an IT department. We are focused on providing the business tools that small businesses need to be competitive, such as affordable managed services and providing affordable technology solutions based on business requirements. Our technology solutions cut costs without cutting quality to put your company in a position to prosper.

Home Users Keep Their Savings

Home office or home based users often require the expertise of professionals but tend to try to solve their IT problems themselves thinking that calling a professional will cost too much. We understand that you want your computer to do what it's supposed to do, but we also understand that you don't want to spend your life savings either. Our locally based technicians can diagnose your issue and fix it all at an affordable cost.

Tailored Support for Everyone

No matter whether you are a business with multiple systems and workstations, or a home computer user, our staff can tailor a support package that suits your requirements or can provide on-site, in-shop or remote servicing to simply fix the problem and get you back online in the shortest possible time for the minimum investment required.

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