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IT Support Services

Your Local Computer & Laptop Repair Experts.

Your search for a local, expierenced, and licensed computer service center is over.

Our services offer solutions for individuals or businesses. In-shop services consist of hardware and software diagnostics, repair, upgrades, tune-ups, virus removal, data recovery, etc. We can also remotely connect to your computer to quickly troubleshoot and fix problems. A technician can also be sent to your location within our service area to diagnose and resolve issues, or we can do a pick up for in-shop servicing if needed. Please call ahead to make an appointment. Our straight forward pricing for services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Advanced Diagnostics

    • $60 (see below)

    • Waived with any paid service
  • OS Tune Up/Upgrade

    • $60

    • Includes any Windows updates
  • Hardware Installation

    • LABOR $25

    • Parts additional. Price varies.
  • Software Installation

    • LABOR $20

    • Customer provided software only
  • Clone Hard Drive to SSD/nVME

    • $150 includes 500Gb SSD/nVME

    • 1Tb add $25, 2Tb add $75
  • Virus & Spyware Removal

    • $100

    • includes PC tune up
  • Operating System RE/Install

    • $75 inc drivers/updates

    • $150 if Windows key is needed
  • Password Removal

    • $60 Local Account

    • $100 for Microsoft account **
  • Laptop Upgrades/Repairs

    • LABOR $75

    • Parts additional. Price varies.
  • R&R PC Laptop Screen

    • LABOR $125

    • Parts additional. Price varies. ***
  • Data Transfer

    • STARTS AT $50 (up to 200Gb)

    • From old to new computer *
  • Tier 1 Data Backup/Recovery

    • $100 (up to 500Gb)

    • Data saved to external SSD *
  • Tier 2 Data Backup/Recovery

    • $150 (500Gb to 1TB)

    • Data saved to external SSD *
  • Tier 3 Data Backup/Recovery

    • $200 (1TB to 2TB)

    • Data saved to external SSD *
  • On-Site Service Calls

Prices listed do not include sales tax. For questions regarding particular services not listed, please contact us! Allow a minimum of 3 days for servicing. We service our clients using the first in first out method (FIFO), however, priority servicing is available (font of line, except Friday's and Weekend's) and incurs an additional fee.

Note: For services requiring parts, our warranty &/or guarantee will only be provided on parts purchased from us. While we are happy to use customer provided parts, we cannot provide a warranty, nor guarantee any customer provided part/s.

* Data transfer/backup/recovery includes:

  • Desktop, documents, pictures, music, videos, and download folders
  • Microsoft Outlook OST/PST file/s & signatures (if applicable)
  • Chrome, Firefox &/or Edge bookmarks/passwords upon request
  • Chrome, Firefox &/or Edge browser history upon request
  • List of installed programs, printers, and networks
    • List may include links to download programs or printer software
  • Best effort of all or partial recovery of data will be attempted, but is not guaranteed.

Does not include actual installed programs. All data will be returned to original location.

** Removal of Microsoft account password is not guarenteed and may require alternative methods up to and including data backup and reinstallation of the OS.

*** Some laptops require the entire top with screen to be replaced.

Advanced Diagnostics

Our in-shop Advanced Diagnostic service will test all critical hardware components in your computer. It's important that these intricate systems are functioning correctly to assure your device is running properly. Once completed, we can move forward to our software diagnostics to achieve the best possible results and better help to pin point any issues that need attention. This is a process that cannot be rushed when done properly, so be weary of "1 hour" service as they most likely do not cover all the bases. We work as quickly as possible, but we will never compromise the quality of our diagnostic's by rushing or skipping crucial steps.

Hardware & Software Purchasing

Do you need help purchasing the right computer/s for you or your staff? Are you struggling to decipher complex technical jargon? Don't risk making the wrong decision. Call the friendly team at Your PCMD to help. We take the guesswork out of purchasing new computers, hardware, software, and other IT equipment for you or your business.

Purchasing software or hardware that doesn't meet yours or your business's unique requirements is a waste of time and money. Avoid this outcome with our easy 4-step procurement process, suitable for software, hardware and any other IT equipment. Here's how it works:

  1. Consultation
    • We get to know you and your business technology requirements. We help you to review and plan current and future technology needs, to ensure your equipment purchase has the features and functionality to deliver what you need now, and for the next few years.
  2. Recommendation
    • Once we have clarity around your requirements, we'll provide a list of product recommendations that we feel will best suit your needs. We'll explain our reasons for recommending these choices, walk you through the specifications and features, and answer any questions.
  3. Purchase and Installation
    • We can save you time and confusion by undertaking the specifying and ordering of your new tech purchases. We have direct partner relationships with major IT suppliers and manufacturers, including Lenovo, Dell, and HP.
    • We'll also make sure everything is setup and installed properly, and teach your staff how to use the new software or hardware.
  4. Disposal
    • Finally, we will take care of the ethical and environmentally-friendly disposal of your old computers and peripheral equipment.