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Wireless Networking

It's a lot easier to collaborate when you're not tied to your desk.

If your team is tethered to their desks by wired internet connections, your business probably isn't as collaborative or productive as it should be. By utilizing Wireless LAN or 'WiFi', as it's commonly known, you're no longer held back by wires, but are instead free to work with anyone anywhere in the office, with complete access to all of the information and applications available on your network.

Adjusting or updating your network doesn't have to be a painful or disruptive undertaking. One of the reasons we ask so many questions during the consulting phase is to make sure your network has maximum performance and reliability with minimum fuss. When small businesses want networks intelligent enough to let them collaborate safely with customers and communities, they turn to the experts at Your PCMD.

Secure, high performance wireless networking solutions

Consumer level WiFi equipment simply doesn't cut it. Not to mention the difficulty and time investment needed in attempting to establish your WiFi network over a diverse range of offices and locations. Why not let Your PCMD design, implement and manage an optimized, cost-effective WiFi network for your small business?

Our solution is a cloud managed WiFi solution that is richly featured and highly reliable for a range of business environments. We can manage single or multiple sites, deploy quickly, and use advanced analytic tools to gain important insights into your staff or customer behavior.

Why Choose Managed WiFi?


Work from anywhere in the office and move freely between access points without losing your connection.

New Revenue

Charge for guest WiFi or grant free access with marketing messages on the sign-in splash page.

Cost Savings

Pay for only the coverage you need today, and easily scale up as your needs grow.

Peace of Mind

Instead of having to support another piece of equipment, you get a fully managed system maintained by us.

Who's in Control of Your WiFi?

If network security is a concern for you, trust Your PCMD Managed WiFi.

Unlike wireless access points that you'd buy at the store or from other internet service providers, our managed WiFi equipment is there to give access to those who need it, and to manage how they use it. You can control which pages they can go to, which areas of your network can be accessed, and how long someone can browse.

  • Have a Guest WiFi network with a customized splash screen to help brand your business
  • Provide visitors with the terms and conditions of using your internet to limit liability
  • Provide content filtering
  • Manage bandwidth usage on a group user level
  • Maintain internet connectivity even in hard-to-reach areas with our powerful access points
  • Limit access based on times of the day, days of the week, etc.
  • Receive reports based on performance & usage
  • A mesh network of signal coverage ensures strong signal strength

Ready for hassle-free WiFi?

# Managed WiFi Access Points Up to 2 (POE) Up to 5 (POE)
# Managed MESH Access Points Up to 2 Up to 5
# Managed LAN devices Up to 24 Up to 48
Captive portal for guest sign-ons
Dedicated Corporate & Guest WiFI
Point2Point Connectivity
Managed Firewall & PCI Compliance
24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Support
Detection of and Adaption to Signal Interference
Remote Network and Equipment Monitoring
Local service and support
Option for Self-Administration
Monitoring and notification of slow or failing network components
Monitoring, notification and resolution of network congestion issues
Ease of deployment and scalability
Maximum # of Buildings per Site 1 3
Low One-time Software Configuration Fee $CALL $CALL
Your TOTAL Monthly Cost

Additional Access Points, including Outdoor Access Points, can be added. Wireless LAN/WiFi is dependant upon existing equipment and may require the purchase of compatible &/or additional equipment. Fair installation fees apply for all Wireless LAN/WiFi setups and will be determined after site survey.